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Website Toolbox Pro

Website Toolbox Pro includes the following tools:

Color palettes Magic Color Palette Generator
Instantly generate palettes of perfectly matched colors for your design needs, like this one...

Random color palette, base color #4A4DA8, Website Toolbox Pro Magic Color Palettes generator

See more color palette examples...
Color Palette From Image Generator Generate Color Palette From Image
Generate a color palette that matches an image.

For example, you can take a Monet's painting and "borrow" its color palette for your website.

Color Palette From Website Grabber Color Palette From Websitenew
Found a website with a nice color palette? Want to know which colors exactly are being used? The Palette From Website tool will grab all the colors found in the HTML code at the given URL, as well as from the related CSS (cascading stylesheet) files.
Mirror Effect Generator Reflection Generator
Add reflection (mirror) effect to an image to make it look more "live".

Make image thumbnails Thumbnail Generator
An easy to use and fast tool to create image thumbnails. Thumbnails are small image representations of larger images, like those at the left.
Gradient Generator Gradient Image Generator
Gradients are essential design components of most popular websites. With this software, you can create and save gradient images in seconds.
Stripe Background Generator
Create popular Web 2.0 site backgrounds using over 50 hatch styles.
Make round corner tables Rounded Corner Generator
Rounded corners make your tables look more professional. You can see we use rounded corners on this page for the main table and for the testimonials below.
Web 2.0-style buttons Web 2.0 Button Generator
Replace all your old style buttons with glossy 21st century buttons (aka Aqua buttons). Customize color, size and font. Ready to use on your website in seconds. See Web 2.0 Button examples...
RegEx Generator Regular Expression Creator
Create and test Regular Expressions (RegEx). RegEx's are powerful syntax rules to match, replace or split a set of strings in your Javascript / PHP / Perl / ASP / C# / VB / Ruby / Python code, but they are not easy to understand and create - unless you use this software.
.htaccess generator .htaccess File Generator
Redirect users to custom error pages, password protect any directory, protect your images or other multimedia files from hotlinking, enable PHP code in your .html webpages, and more...
Mod_Rewrite, RewriteRule Generator Mod_Rewrite Generator
Turn your dynamic content into a spiderable format, automatically rewrite dynamic URLs to more search engine friendly web addresses.
Generate Robots.txt Files Robots.txt File Generator
Tell web robots what areas of your site are allowed to visit and index, restrict access to your site for BAD bots, tell search engines where your sitemap is located.
Meta Tag Generator Meta Tags Generator
Create <meta> tags for your webpages, such as title, keywords, description, author and copyright information.
Translate your website Website Translation Script
Translate your websites to over 10 languages with translation services from Google or Yahoo. Website Toolbox Pro provides you with a script to display international flags and links to your translated content.
Favorites icon generator Favicon Generator
An easy to use utility to create a favicon from any image.
Script Library Script Library
Save your code snippets in one easy to access place. Most popular javascripts included: Add To Favorites, Anti-Spammer Email, Break Out Of Frames, Countdown, No Right Click, Popup Window, Print This Page, Random Text and more.
...and that's not all!

“Very Nice Work With This App!”

“This is a really great tool! I really like the robots.txt, favicon, meta tags, and niche theme generators. The magic palettes color generator is very cool as well. Very nice work with this app!”

— Janea Taylor

“A Large Range Of Useful Applications In One Tool...”

“This is a brilliant piece of software, combining a large range of useful (and much needed) applications in one tool. Not only that, but each application appears to offer more in terms of the number and variety of uses than most other similar single software offers. And it's do easy to use! I am not a particularly experienced software user, but found Website Toolbox Pro a delight to use. This is a 'must' for anybody working online.”

— Pete Tunbridge
Tully, Far North Queensland, Australia

“Upgraded For No Extra Charge...”

“All web designers know that creating a website is a time-consuming process. Website Toolbox Pro helps minimizing the time and efforts spent for it. I do enjoy the Security, Server Tools, and Gradient Image generators. Yet, the best part of this software is that it's constantly being upgraded for no extra charge - many new essential tools are added on a regular basis. Thanks a lot!”

— Konstantin Besedin, Russia

“A Timesaver Application!”

“I bought Website Toolbox Pro and have found it saves me loading several heavy applications. If you like css/xhtml web 2.0 standards like many do then there are tools in here for you. If you are colour blind there is a great palette of named colours.”

— Andy, England

“Commitment To Customer Service And Satisfaction...”

“Thanks very much for your patience in getting [my problem] resolved. Says a lot about you and your commitment to customer service and satisfaction.”

— Sam Eells
Cleveland, OH

“It's A Steal At The Price!”

“This is a fabulous program! Full of nifty utilities that are really useful, and with new ones added all the time. It's a steal at the price. An essential part of the web designer's toolbox.”

— Kevin Lewis
MedAdvisor Ltd, UK

“It's Worth Every Dollar!”

“I purchased this app mainly for the Palette From Image feature and its worth every dollar! Thanks.”

— Dave McCormick

“Easy to work with...”

“I am very, very satisfied with your product, it is easy to work with, it is simple and efficient, it is professional and not in the final turn it is trendy. The Website Toolbox Pro gives shining to any site.”

— Florin, Romania

“Customer Service Is Impeccable...”

“I first purchased the ToolBox PRO because it looked like a "cool tool". Little did I know how many times I'd be using it - especially the Color Palettes, the Favicon Generator, the Reflection Generator and the Button Generator. After getting a new computer I needed a fresh install immediately. That's how important the ToolBox PRO for building web sites quickly and efficiently is. Most of all, Andrei's customer service is impeccable to say the least.”

— Lu Smith
Calgary, AB, Canada

“Petit par sa taille, mais grand par son utilité!”

“Je cherchais depuis longtemps une solution qui me permette de générer rapidement un fichier .htaccess, ou encore un fichier robots.txt (si cher à Google) en deux clics, c'est trouvé! Véritable "couteau suisse" du Webmaster, Website ToolBox Pro me fait gagner un temps précieux. Plus besoin d'ouvrir de multiples applications, où bien, ce rendre sur différents "sites outils". Tout est là, en une seule application, un retour sur investissement garanti! Merci Andrei pour avoir réalisé ce logiciel et votre réactivité pour l'ajout de nouvelles fonctions.”

— Michel, France

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System Requirements:
Windows 98/2000/ME/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7, .NET Framework 2.0 or later (you will be able to download and install it during the software installation, if you don't have it).

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