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Image Reflection (Mirror) Effect

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Add reflection (mirror) effect to an image to make it look more "live".

Image reflections are everywhere. The reflection effect, like on the image above, is the new drop shadow. Many Web 2.0 sites use it, from new startups to the iPhone website.

With the Reflection Generator, you can add the mirror effect to your images fast! You control the size and transparency of reflection.

You begin with choosing an image to add reflection to using a standard Windows file dialog.

You can customize reflection with the following parameters:

  • Gap between the image and reflection.
  • Reflection size as percentage of image size.
  • Starting transparency in percents.

After that you just click the Make reflection button and instantly get your image reflected.

Click the Save button to save your new image in a file.

Sure, you can reach the same effect with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or another software package. Why should you use the Website Toolbox Pro's Reflection Generator? Two most obvious reasons are simplicity and time. Just imagine that with this reflection generator you can have your reflected image completed and saved faster than Adobe Photoshop or another monster application even loads itself!

The Image Reflection Generator is only one tool of over 30 generators, tools and scripts of the Website Toolbox Pro software, which can save you hours of research and work and hundreds of dollars compared to webmasters' or web designers' per-hour rates.

“Very Nice Work With This App!”

“This is a really great tool! I really like the robots.txt, favicon, meta tags, and niche theme generators. The magic palettes color generator is very cool as well. Very nice work with this app!”

— Janea Taylor

“A Timesaver Application!”

“I bought Website Toolbox Pro and have found it saves me loading several heavy applications. If you like css/xhtml web 2.0 standards like many do then there are tools in here for you. If you are colour blind there is a great palette of named colours.”

— Andy, England

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